A guide to non-toxic cleaning products for those who are MCS and those who don't want to be
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Safe Laundry Soap

KD Gold by Natural Soap Formulas is an all-purpose solution that makes a great laundry soap. Benefits of using KD Gold:

  • No fragrance. Added fragrances are taboo for environmentally sensitive individuals, as well as those with asthma or any allergies. More and more people are becoming sensitive and allergic every day. Could it be because artificial fragrances are everywhere? In soaps and cleaners, candles, deoderizers, sprays, shampoos, moisturizing creams, ad nauseum. Literally.
  • Clothes are truly clean. Laundry detergents add brighteners, smells, and other chemicals that do not get rinsed out of the clothing, but are absorbed through the skin when the clothes are worn. It is naive to think these petrochemicals do not affect your health and well-being!
  • Less wear and tear on clothes. Clothes washed in KD Gold last longer because of the lack of additives. Clothes washed in commercial detergents actually end up weighing more after repeated washings.
  • Naturally deoderizes. No anti-bacterials added, has natural bacteria-killing qualities long known to be a property of soap. Pre-treat those pits and get the smell out!
  • Washes great in hot or cold water.
  • Great for pre-spotting. Gets out most stains if used right away. I carry a small bottle with me at all times.

Safe Bleach

People have been using chlorine bleaches since the end of the 18th century. While these products work very well in whitening, stain removal and sanitizing, chlorine bleaches do have a negative effect upon the environment because of their chemistry. Care must be taken in using chlorine bleach as it is toxic to humans, animals, and plants. Also, we all have experienced destroying a colored article of clothing because chlorine bleach accidentally got spilled on it.

OXY-BOOST Destainer & Deodorizer Oxygen Bleach is a safe, effective alternative to chlorine-based products that can be used in many applications in and around the home. It is based on sodium percarbonate which uses oxygen for destaining and deodorizing. It is also a very effective laundry presoak for heavily stained articles.

Keeping clothes looking new

Agitate washload briefly and then soak for an hour to overnight. Wash as usual, but with a shorter cycle. Save energy and wear.

Hang clothes to dry whenever possible. In winter, adds moisture to the indoor air and in summer, avoids generating unneeded heat. Again, saves wear on the clothes.
Similar to OXY-CLEAN™ but much less toxic, OXY-BOOST is a powder that is safe to use at all temperatures, on most washable fabrics and all colors, in hard or soft water. It is compatible with other household cleaners and works great with KD Gold. It produces no harmful by-products which negatively affect the environment.

Fabric Softener

People are discovering that fabric softeners are some of the most toxic products made for daily household use. They contain chemicals (like chloroform, benzyl acetate and pentane) that are known to cause cancer and/or damage to lungs, brain, and nerves. These chemicals are even more dangerous when heated in clothes dryers. The toxic fumes then go into neighborhood air and everyone for blocks around is forced to breathe them in.

Fabric softener chemicals are made to stay in clothes fibers and slowly release for a very long time. That slow release of chemicals into the air affects the health of those wearing the clothes and of people around them.

Some symptoms caused by fabric softener fumes are: tiredness that is not cured by resting, difficulty breathing, nervousness for no known reason, difficulty concentrating and remembering, dizziness, headaches, sick stomach, feeling faint, rashes and/or difficulty controlling body movements.

"But," you say, "I still have static cling!" Those fabulous folks at Natural Choices have come to the rescue with SAFE 'N SOFT Fabric Softener made from only vegetable-based surfactants. Use just like the commercial brands.

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